About Utopy

Our Aims

Our core aim is to accelerate a much-needed shift in the UK charity sector. The non-profit sector is an extraordinary asset, but we believe much of it is still tangled up in inflexible systems and old ways of thinking. By unlocking more progressive approaches, levels of ambition and revenue models, the impact will be dramatically magnified given the size of the sector we’re nudging forward.

Our Focus

Focusing on two of charities’ most urgent needs – people and money – we identify strong ideas and organisations that we believe are already having an impact or could have an impact in the UK. We accelerate that impact by acquiring, replicating or partnering with them. We’re interested in products services that can scale across the sector and that will embed changes for the long-term.

Our Vision

A world where more of society is dedicated to improving it; where it is easier for people to have the greatest social impact and accelerate change.

We actively challenge restrictions, assumptions and myths that prevent charities from spending money sensibly and investing long term.

Positive Impacts

We’re building on the success of our first acquisition – our Charity Fast-Track course which trains ambitious young people keen to have a career with purpose. We’re poised to take advantage of the apprenticeship levy to deliver leadership training to people already in the sector. These products give us an opportunity to influence the thinking of the next generation.

We’ve also identified a potential partner to tackle some of the problems we see on charity boards thereby effecting change from the top down too.


In the many years we have worked together, in different roles in different organisations, we have always gravitated to the impact of macro-level change – the desire to make change at its foundational level.

We are excited to now be in a position to focus on where we believe our strengths best lie – holding the bigger picture, seeing the potential of change, collaborating with brilliant people, identifying solutions and making them happen – at pace.

Our Advisers

Our Network

Utopy is built on the knowledge of others and is supported by a range of leading organisations and individuals dedicated to building and enriching the charity sector.

We are privileged to have an extensive network of expertise to draw on through our Friends of Utopy group – stretching from the creative industry to finance & investment, academia and third sector.

Jobs at Utopy

We’re always on the lookout for people to work with us. We like people who enjoy exploring a challenge, working out solutions, polishing them and packing it all up. You can see from what we do that we’re creative, process is important to us, and we enjoy understanding what makes people tick. Developing ways of thinking, finding an angle and making things seem as simple as possible, are all skills we value.

We are interested in different levels of experience and expertise, so whatever your specialism, field or experiences, get in touch.

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