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Anna Leibowitz

I strive to create a trusting, open and relaxed environment for clients to explore the challenges they face or the development areas they want to prioritise. 
ILM Level 5 certificate in coaching & mentoring
I have a calm, approachable and friendly style that supports clients to identify clear goals and solutions, through well-defined and achievable actions. With an appropriate degree of challenge, I encourage clients to think differently and more deeply so that they can identify the best way forward.
"I found working with Anna really helpful. I entered the relationship with some specific ideas about how I wanted to improve my approach to my career. I felt I needed to work on my stakeholder management, the way I represented myself and how I thought about career progression, as well as working towards some short-term career goals. Anna's rigorous application of coaching techniques helped me get into the detail of those problems and start looking for solutions. She's excellent at putting you at ease, but also provides the challenge that coaching needs to make you think creatively about your challenges. I feel like I've answered some key questions about where I go from here with Anna's help"

marketing manager,
macmmillan cancer support
"Taking that hour every month, and by talking through whatever situation I wanted to figure out, helped me step back, reassess and make decisions on my own - with fresh eyes. I found it useful, and it changed the way I approach things. It's quite refreshing to have a new approach to problems!Anna is open, warm and approachable. Even though we worked in totally different departments and environments within Macmillan, she made the effort to understand the context of what I was talking about which made it really useful as the resulting questions made me look at the situation in my team and department with fresh eyes"

partnerships manager,
macmmillan cancer support

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