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Sep 23 / Vassil Yordanov - Charity Fast-Track graduate
Our Charity Fast-Track Foundation Programme is designed to give you the tools and skills you need to break into the charity sector and start making change happen.

We caught up with Vassil, one of our brilliant Charity Fast-Track graduates, to talk to him about his experience as a student on the programme and find out how the core career skills he’s learnt have helped him navigate the sector. 

I first learned about Charity Fast-Track through CharityJob. For some years I had been involved with mental health charities, as both a service user and a volunteer, and I was looking for a way to start a career in the third sector. The Foundation Course seemed like a great opportunity to gain more experience and expand my knowledge of the field.

I was immediately impressed by the breadth and variety of the course. The texts and videos covered subjects, from fundraising and volunteer management to branding and lobbying, in sufficient detail but without overwhelming the reader. The materials provided overviews of almost every aspect of the charity sector and gave me an understanding of how organisations function and realise their objectives.
I was immediately impressed by the breadth and variety of the course.
The imposition of lockdown in March meant that we all had to radically change our plans. The outdoor group challenge I had planned was no longer feasible and it seemed unlikely that people would be able to donate much in the circumstances. Our tutors were very understanding and granted us a two-month extension to all deadlines as well as permission to change our fundraising strategy. They helped me devise a new social media campaign and an online quiz that proved to be an attractive proposition once people had gotten more used to the lockdown.
At the end of the course I felt much more confident in pursuing a career in the charity sector.
To begin with, I found the prospect of fundraising quite daunting - especially due to the pandemic. However, sharing my anxieties with other students helped a lot as most of us had the same concerns. At the end, my team excelled, an achievement of which I am still quite proud.

At the end of the course I felt much more confident in pursuing a career in the charity sector. I had learned so much about the kind of roles I wanted to apply and about the ways to reach out to prospective employers. I had gained valuable experience in fundraising and volunteer management for my CV, and had ideas about how to build on that experience. I would recommend the Charity Fast-Track Foundation Course to anyone looking to enter the sector and contribute to some of the world’s most exciting causes.
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The Charity Fast-track programme has evolved since Vassil was a student - it's now an entirely online experience that you can work through at your own pace. Enrol now and develop the skills you need to make change happen. 

Vassil is currently working as a volunteer fundraising assistant at and also volunteers at a mental health charity. His main interest is fundraising and he is looking forward to getting more experience in this field.

We love hearing from our Fast-Trackers. If you graduated from our course and want to share your experiences, please do get in touch. 
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