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Caroline doran

As a Certified One of Many Women's Coach I work with purpose-driven women to explore their unique leadership style and how this can be harnessed to make the difference they feel called to make in their life, work and/or community.

Coaching women through periods of transition

I have a particular interest in coaching women through periods of transition – professional or personal – to help them maintain their sense of self, lead with authenticity and maintain equilibrium across their whole life. This coaching can be particularly useful when clients are:

  • Stepping up (or getting ready to step up) in to their first leadership role
  • Balancing the demands of leadership after becoming a parent
  • Leading organisational change
I can support you if you are:

  • Feeling stuck and want to make a change but are finding it hard to take action
  • Feeling overwhelmed with the many demands on you and need help to get back to a place of balance
  • Anxious about stepping up in to a role with more responsibility
  • Responsible for leading change and are finding it emotionally and energetically draining
  • Feeling called to step up to greater responsibility and leadership but also afraid of tipping in to overwhelm and burnout
Working with me will give you:

  • A dedicated space to work through your challenges free from judgement
  • Support to find solutions that work for you
  • Powerful tools to support you to step up in all parts of your life and lead with greater ease
  • Access to your inner strength and wisdom
  • Clarity on your goals and vision for the life you want to create and the difference you want to make.
"I have a new sense of clarity of my life and mission and of how the different parts fit together. I feel more in control, with the tools for a deeper awareness of the world around me and my reactions to it, and with a more conscious decisions making process. I’m prioritising my physical, emotional and mental wellbeing without guilt. Caroline is empathic, insightful, and extremely effective in seeing the big picture and 'asking the difficult questions'."
Strategic Lead, Public Sector
"The big difference is my internal chatter. I have stopped beating myself up or feeling sorry for myself when I’m not doing things ‘right’ and instead started to see and take the opportunities to head in the right direction more and to be more kind to myself when things are hard. As a result my overall mood and mindset is so much better, my energy levels are better and I can do more of everything because the negative talk has quietened."
Senior Manager, UK Charity

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