Case Study

Business meets philanthropy

It began simply, as many good things begin, with a socially conscious student at Exeter University wondering if he could get a socially conscious Exeter alumni businessman to come and speak at the next Business & Economics Society get-together.

And he did.

And so began the piloting of a fantastic programme of events that enables students to connect with the many varied ways, through brilliant storytelling, that people can have social impact.

The programme rapidly moved beyond the Business & Finance Society and now attracts a diverse range of students from a multitude of disciplines.

Roman Krznari

Roman Krznari’s talk about thinking seven generations ahead had a huge impact on attendees, myself included and has really led to a change in mindsets. I think this way of thinking needs to be spread across more universities. In my opinion, the scope and impact of the Business Meets Philanthropy talks is huge.

Rick Taylor, Business & Finance Society President, Exeter University

The programme has attracted some brilliantly successful philanthropists like Paul Pindar and Steven Dawson, alongside well-known sector figure Sir Stuart Etherington and social philosopher Roman Krznari.

Now sitting within Utopy’s suite of enterprises, we are seeking funding to develop the programme further – enabling students across the UK to get an early idea of how they might begin to shape themselves as social citizens throughout their career.

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