Coaching for charity people

We offer career, exec and leadership coaching - helping individuals get the most out of their work life and organisations nurture the best from their staff in a balanced way.
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The benefits of coaching - for individuals & organisations

gain confidence 
Boost performance 
get clarity 
Gain new perspectives
increase engagement 
enhance skills
empower employees
Increase loyalty
improve job satisfaction 
better communication skills
improve leadership abilities
Enhance personal awareness
Coaching is a powerful tool to unlock your strengths and help you feel more joy in your work. 
Working in a charity is demanding. These incredible organisations are trying to solve some of the world’s most challenging social problems and they need people in peak performance. This is hard when resources are often limited and you are juggling multiple responsibilities. 
Our expert coaches can help you, at whatever stage in your career you are at, to prioritise, plan and deliver with impact. They will help you get clarity over how you approach your work and your career, help boost your problem-solving mindset and enable you to lead with confidence and compassion be that leading a project, team or organisation. 

How it works

#1 Chose your coach

Have a read through of our different coaches and find the one that that feels right for you. 

#2 Make contact

Use the contact from below to let us know who you'd like to speak to and we'll ask your chosen coach to give you a call

#3 Begin the change

If you are happy with your choice, schedule your first coaching session and begin your journey of transformation.
Our coaches

Who we are

We have a growing network of experienced, diverse coaches. Click on a photos to see a profile of each coach and their particular specialism.

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