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Accessible, affordable training & support to help accelerate careers and amplify impact in the charity sector.

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A great way for our managers to develop personally and deliver impact for the organisation.
Holly Casey
I cannot express how much Charity Fast Track has helped to get me here (dream job).
Nicky b
We're delighted to work with Utopy to ensure the people we hire are as good as they can be.
Martina Gant

Excel in the non-profit world

The charity sector is an extraordinary force for social change. It is a crucial part of our culture delivering £xxbn to the economy, saving lives, supporting the most vulnerable and demanding social justice for all. To excel the sector needs a diverse, creative, ambitious workforce. Charity Fast-Track supports these individuals every step of their career.

All our training is delivered by experienced charity professionals.
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Getting Started

Foundation Programme

Everything you need in one 'bundle' to accelerate your career in the charity sector
The #1 Course to land a great job in the charity sector
Build a strong set of core career skills
Boost your confidence, master the field, become a certified professional
Beginners' guide

How to get a job in the charity sector

A quick & easy introduction into the world of charity for all interested in learning more 
Great resources for job hunters to find the best training and jobs on the market 
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specialist support

Coaching for charity people

Coaching is known to significantly improve performance. And yet charities often struggle to invest in this kind of specialist support. Charity Fast-Track offers affordable, professional coaching support for individuals wanting to deliver greater impact in their role and organisations wanting to nurture their current and next generation of leaders.
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specialist support

CV & Cover Letter Service

We'll help you land 'that' job with our specialist CV & Cover Letter service. Together we'll work through the role(s) you are interested in and why. We'll help you present your experience and interest in the most compelling way and hone your cover letter to stand out against the crowd.
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Specialist Courses for
charity fast-trackers

A wide selection of in-depth courses from marketing & fundraising, to strategic planning, agile project management and leading through change
Accessible, affordable training to support your charity career. All our training is produced by charity experts with a deep understanding of the sector.
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Our experts & coaches

Who we are

All of our instructors are highly qualified professionals, widely acknowledged in their field.

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