Building your personal brand

Join us on this FREE online Q&A session where you will learn how to create an effective strategy to build your personal brand. 

DATE: Tuesday 13th October
TIME: 11am
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  • free 45-minute clinic:
  • Identify your personal USP
  • Build your presence on LinkedIn
  • Grow your following on social media
  • Networking- how and why

Talk to Recruiting Experts

When you register, feel free to ask all your questions on Building your personal brand in the pre-session form. Glen and Philippa from Charity People will make sure to answer them during our interactive session.

Get Noticed

If you're looking for your next role and you want to stand out from the crowd, getting noticed is essential. Having the right skills and being an expert at what you do is important, but it won't be enough if no one knows how good you are and how much of an asset you can be to your potential employer. You need to be able to show people why they need you, and that comes with building your personal brand. 
Meet the instructors

Philippa Bryant

Senior Consultant, Leadership Fundraising Appointments

Philippa is a Senior Consultant at Charity People, working with local and national non-profits to attract the best people to help grow and diversify teams and generate maximum impact.
Senior Consultant

Glen Manners

With over 20 years’ experience recruiting into the charity and membership sectors, Glen prides himself on his ability to build strong lasting relationships with both candidates and not for profit organisations. 
Charity Job Recruiter
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