How to manage agile projects to deliver effective change

This practical course focuses on how to apply an agile and flexible project management approach to deliver change.
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Change is inevitable...

Effectively managing change is a prerequisite for any thriving, sustainable organisation. This practical courses focuses on how to apply an agile and flexible management approach to deliver change.

Ideal for...

Think agile is only for software development projects? Think again.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this course for? 

If you want to learn effective, practical ways of managing agile and flexible projects, this course is for you. Maybe you're a project manager wanting to apply the concepts of agile project management in your organisation. Perhaps you're new to managing projects and are looking for a practical guide to getting started. Or maybe you're a recent graduate looking to broaden your skillset.  

Agile project management takes an iterative and incremental approach to delivering outcomes, making it much more responsive to change. It empowers teams through collaboration and helps you deliver in the face of uncertainty.

What will I learn?

We'll start by covering the core foundations of agile, including agile behaviours, key terminology, project governance and approach. Next we'll look at how to tailor and apply in practice, including how you can take a principles-based approach to managing change and how to practically get started with your own agile project.You can then apply your learnings with a case study. 

You'll finish this course with:
  • A core understanding of agile project management
  • The knowledge of how to apply agile project management concepts in practice
  • The ability to tailor agile to meet your organisation's or client's needs
  • The skills you need to start managing an agile project of your own, to effectively deliver change

What equipment is required?

All you need is a laptop or tablet or smartphone and a decent internet connection (at least 3G). The course is cloud-based, so you can switch locations or devices and simply pick up where you left off.

If I lose my certificate, where can I get it again?

Login to your Utopy account and download your digital marketing certificate whenever you like.

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Meet the instructor

Katy Brown

I help grow businesses by turning ideas into reality.I have 10 years of diverse, global experience in strategy development and execution, delivering large-scale change programmes. I have applied the core concepts of agile project management, combined with my own delivery principles, to effectively manage change for organisations of all sizes around the world. 
Katy Brown - Course author

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