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David Henderson

Ever insightful and optimistic, David is a natural born coach for those wanting to grow, succeed and lead in a purpose-filled career. He is driven by the belief that when people really know themselves, are clear on where they want to go and the impact they want to achieve, individuals can change the world. 
David has a natural ability to uncover and explore the unique talents of individuals. His authentic approach and curiosity helps bring clarity, and enables people to look at their career development and success in a completely different way. His ability to expand thinking and illustrate complex subjects with relatable examples allows David to deliver coaching across 1-2-1 and group settings.

His career has spanned across Charity, Social Enterprises and Corporates - always with a focus on delivering positive impact. He knows purpose-led organisations can develop the leaders of thefuture - and is drive to empower people to discover their greatness, develop their ideas and be ready to have the biggest impact they can through their purposeful career.

Why chose David? If you want a transformative coach that will help you explore your super strengths, empower you from the very first session, and strive to unleash your full potential through intelligence and authenticity - then David will be right for you.

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