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Emma Whelan

I help organisations and individuals recognise the changes within required for growth. I work with individuals to enhance leadership skills and unlock creativity - building happier, more resourceful people, increasing engagement and delivering greater results.

Coaching courageous leaders & creatives

Spanning the commercial and nonprofit world, I've experienced and witnessed in others the pressures that can limit our capacity for growth and success. We can get stuck through self-limiting beliefs and a sense of isolation in our busy roles. I understand the courage it takes to look inward and consider what is holding you back and to identify what changes you need to make to have a more fulfilling work experience and deliver greater impact. 

The basis of my work – be that counselling or coaching – is that we all have within us the resources for growth, and capacity to have a meaningful life. I help leaders of all kinds feel brave, speak up and step into their full potential.

I help you:

  • Get clarity about your goals
  • Identify gaps between where you are now and where you want to be
  • Identify & align your values with the organisation / your business
  • Overcome internal blocks and blindspots
  • Make thoughts, action & behaviour change more intentional
  • Build personal accountability
I help develop teams that:

  • Trust themselves & one another
  • Have honest conversation about ideas 
  • Commit to decisions and plans of action
  • Hold one another accountable 
  • Focus on the achievement of the collective results
"Emma speaks with confidence, listens even harder, and thrives when she's given the space to immerse herself in a client's world"
Kat Ratcliffe
"Emma balances the creativity and positivity you need to plan ahead with the energy and tenacity to see things through. She has the ability to imagine a better future and inspire others to go there with her"
Stefan terry

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