Enterprise #2 for Utopy

Building on our People & Money portfolio, Utopy is pleased to announce it has acquired Woodford’s Business Meets Philanthropy programme.

The programme – focusing on offering inspiration and insight for the next generation of social entrepreneurs, progressive philanthropists and charity-change makers – has emerged from a partnership between Woodford Investment Management, Exeter University’s Business & Finance Society and the Philanthropy team at the University. The programme’s focus is on long-term, systemic change in the social impact sector. At the core of Woodford’s support for the programme has been a desire to influence the next generation in thinking about their role in creating a sustainable world.

Since launching in 2016, the programme has inspired hundreds of students to consider the role they can play in helping accelerate social progress. It has offered new insight into the varied approaches to societal change, sparked debated, demonstrated the potential of a pro-social, pro-business approach and helped students get meaningful jobs post graduation.

“These sorts of programmes are important. We want people to give money but also time and this is one way in which we can achieve this. I believe students who have a good understanding about philanthropy and business are improving their career prospects”

Sir Stuart Etherington, Chief Executive, NCVO

Utopy plans to work with a commercial partner to extend the pilot beyond one University to get a better sense of it’s UK-wide potential. The ambition is to offer more students the opportunity to engage with experienced business women and men, connect with a diverse group of individuals and enhance both their career options and their individual social impact.