Unlocking trustee potential through diversity and inspiration

Creating more empowering and effective Boards through inspiration and practical support. Coupling high-energy training days with a digital trustee development platform, we want to enable trustees to be free to focus on what’s really important: maximising social impact for their charities.

With a high-energy, disruptive approach balancing inspiration and pragmatism, we will make being on a Board not just aspirational and exciting but also effective. Our offer will attract new people to shape better boards and enable trustees to focus on what’s really important: maximising social impact for their charities.

The Problem:

Solving big social problems requires diverse voices, a willingness to take risks and an understanding of the business of charity.

Charity boards often lack diversity and struggle to stay focused on the bigger picture. They hamstring their executive teams through disproportionate fears about governance – stifling innovation and income growth.

Many trustees misunderstand the role and the specifics of charity business – leading to ill-informed decisions and unhelpful, combative cultures within Boards. This lack of clarity leaves trustees unable to contribute fully and organisations are not able to make best use of their talents and experience.

The Opportunity:

To reimagine Trusteeship for 21st century charities – creating Boards that are packed full of ambitious, driven individuals determined to help their executive team achieve more than they through possible.

We can see an opportunity to bring people from more walks of life to the Board table – shaking up old ways of thinking and accelerating progress. We want to support these trustees to be the most effective they can be.

And we know technology used well can unlock time, enhance personal development, increase collaboration and engender greater accountability – helping trustees feel better prepared and more able to contribute.

Untaming trustees

Drawing on our Charity Fast-Track expertise of blended learning, Better Boards inspires potential trustees and arms them with the resources they need get a great role within an organisation where they can make a lasting impact.

Social impact experts will encourage trainees to be bold, take risks and explore how to be the most impactful trustee they can be.

We will demystify nonprofit Boards, disrupt traditional ways of thinking and be upfront about the importance of trustees supporting core costs for charities.

Our digital information & learning platform will enable trustees to access relevant learning modules, sign-post to useful resources and connect to other trustees.


  • Year 1 Launch pilot service, training over 100 potential trustees 
  • Year 2 Launch full service, training over 200 potential trustees
  • Year 3 Extend service to existing charity boards & launch a recruitment service


We’re looking for funding partner to get Better Boards up and running. To do this properly we need £250k a year for three years:

£150k on service development
We’ll build the team to shape, pilot and iterate a high quality experience. We will couple practical training expertise with inspirational speakers, delivered in environments that support creativity, innovation and ambition. And support this with access to a digital development and community platform for trustees.

£100k on core costs
In order to be successful, the enterprise will draw on Utopy’s brand, marketing and communication expertise, as well as operational services such as finance/hr/it.


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