Accelerating careers and impact

Fast-Tracking Progress 

Utopy’s flagship enterprise – Charity Fast-Track – is building a suite of blended learning products to transform the charity workforce from the inside-out; readying world-changers to do things differently.

The Problem

Changing the world is hard. It needs more than commitment and passion – it needs highly-trained, skilled people.

There is a clear and growing sector need to access and support a more diverse group of talented, ambitious people – people who understand the complexities of running a charity, and have a greater sense of where they they can best have an impact rather than just a broad desire ‘to work for charity’.

This entry-level problem is coupled with millions of pounds in available funding not being used by the charity sector because of limited sector-specific apprenticeship-levy training.

The Dame Mary Marsh report eloquently evidences the common issues of entry to working in this sector – issues that Utopy wants to help change (Skills Leadership Review, 2013). 

The Opportunity

To reshape charity: creating a more diverse, contemporary sector better equipped to tackle the world’s most challenging problems.

We know young people are eager to learn and be better equipped – and we know charities are crying out for talented staff with these skills.

We also know that there is a lack of sector-specific training for ambitious new and developing leaders within the sector

Charity Fast-Track brings together a talented cross-generation of progressive people with ambitious charities striving to change the world for the better.

Building on a good idea

Utopy identified the broader potential of Child.org’s initial training product – which was born out of a struggle to find and recruit great people with a solid foundation of ‘charity’ and how to be effective in charity. 

Charity Fast-Track Apprenticeships

With the injection of specialist education expertise, wider market insight and an eye on creating a more sustainable business model, Charity Fast-Track is now poised to take advantage of the apprenticeship levy to deliver charity leadership training to people employed in the sector – training that spans across all types of charities and for staff with varying levels of experience. 

“A Level 3 charity-focused apprenticeship would be a perfect accompaniment to the BSc Business Management in Social Change Degree Apprenticeship”

Matt Hyde, CEO, The Scouts


  • 2019 Launch revised Charity Fast-Track : Foundation offer as a 12-week course helping a diverse range of individuals make the move into the charity sector
  • 2020 Launch Charity Fast-Track : Professional Apprenticeships – the first sector-specific Level 3 apprenticeship accredited training course for Team Leaders and Managers
  • 2021 Launch Charity Fast-Track : Leader – a sector-specific Level 5 apprenticeship accredited training course for senior leaders in charity


To meet the market need for Charity Fast-Track : Professional as rapidly as possible we’re looking funding in the range of £50k – £75k. The investment would fund:

  • Developing focused learning content and skills challenges 
  • Successfully completing the registration process for RoATP
  • Setup and development of the CRM and data requirements for the Apprenticeship scheme
  • Recruitment of an initial pilot cohort of 50 charity employees
  • Project management of the initial cohort, charities and course rollout

The apprenticeship levy funding would then pay for the ongoing delivery of the course. With a cohort of 50 from small charities, the initial investment would result in charities getting £200,000 worth of training in the first year alone.

Interested in creating change from the inside out?

If you are interested in helping reshape charity through creating a more diverse, contemporary sector better equipped to tackle the world’s most challenging problems, please get in touch.


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