Unlocking enterprise through grant-funded consultancy

Unlocking news ways of bringing money in to the sector by helping charities push through the barrier of balancing innovation with managing business as usual.

The Problem

Developing new revenue streams is critical to survival for nonprofits and yet can feel impossible to deliver on.

Having the time and dedicated resource to develop a new income model whilst managing business as usual is very challenging.

Developing on an idea requires focus, pace and a multidisciplinary set of skills to draw on a different stages of the innovation process. And this isn’t easy to access when finances are tight and time is precious – and ‘pro bono’ offers of help are so transient they are usually less than helpful.

The Opportunity

We can help unlock the additional energy, expertise and drive required to develop and get an idea to the finish line.

Working in partnership with charities, we create, test and refine viable business ideas – getting them market ready as quickly as possible.

Bringing a mix of entrepreneurial skills, financial nous and a heavy dose of digital expertise, we are adept at keeping the customer front of mind whilst ensuring the revenue model is sustainable.

Partnership Approach

We work in partnership with leadership teams and draw on internal expertise to ensure the product and process is owned by the client’s business.

From ideation to launch, our aim is to create a collaborative, solutions-focused relationship. We nurture a creative environment and build in reflection time to ensure the business is learning and developing throughout the process.

We draw on different innovation techniques and processes that best suit our client requirements. This may include strategy workshops, hack-days, or one-to-one sessions.

We are ‘in it’ with our clients – working through pain-points, surfacing solutions and challenging ‘can’t be done’ mindsets.


  • Access the right skills at the right time
  • Develop a revenue model at pace
  • Run business as usual alongside the process, minimising risk and reassuring for charity boards
  • Enhance internal skills and expertise
  • Accelerate income growth
  • Enhanced organisational impact


  • Year 1 Pilot income innovation consultancy with three charities
  • Year 2 Launch full offer in partnership with our Social Progress Fund and support an additional six charity income generation ideas
  • Year 3 Work with 15 + charities to diversify their income portfolio


We think Utopy’s Income Innovation enterprise would be a progressive vehicle for an existing business consultancy to channel its CSR consultancy work through. By coupling their expertise with Utopy’s experience of enterprise and our understanding of the barriers to innovation in the charity sector, we believe we can create far greater impact and accelerate more sustainable models of income generation for charities.

We are looking for a consultancy partner who can see the value in longer-term consultancy support for charities. Who understands random days of pro-bono work is neither effective for the charity nor satisfying for your staff.

Interested in moving beyond pro-bono?

If you are interested in helping reshape charity through creating a more diverse, contemporary sector better equipped to tackle the world’s most challenging problems, please get in touch.


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