Fast Streamer Secondee #2

Olivia McShane joins our Charity Fast-Track enterprise to help launch its apprenticeship training offer to the charity sector.

We’re delighted to welcome Liv to the team. Liv is picking up and developing further Sam’s brilliant contribution to our Charity Fast-Track apprenticeship training offer.

Liv brings excellent experience in programme management from her time at the Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU) part of the Environmental Quality Directorate working for Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Department for Transport. 

Liv’s goal is to get Utopy registered as an approved apprenticeship training provider and the Charity Fast-Track Level 3 leadership course launched all within her 6 month secondment. We are liking that pace and ambition.

The apprenticeship course is an exciting addition to Charity Fast-Track’s training offer – and one the sector is keen to see launched. We know an element of great leadership is contextual and, at present, none of the leadership training available through the apprenticeship scheme is specific to the charity sector. We hoping to change.