Smart Investment

A long-term investment approach

Often charity investors focus on the immediate impact within the narrow parameters of a particular cause. We believe this needs to be balanced with a focus on long-term, infrastructural change to ensure improvements at a system level.

We want to work with forward-thinking partners who understand you need to invest time and money to make a lasting difference. With smart investment in targeted areas of need, we can magnify the effectiveness of the entire sector – with small shifts of improvement impacting millions of beneficiaries.

Seed funding at this early stage of our development will help us take advantage of the opportunities that are emerging – be that creative collaborations to accelerate better Boards, creating a charity apprenticeship to unlock funding via the levy for Charity Fast-Track or accelerating our ability to partner with smart philanthropists to grow a social progress fund.

Tedx Warwick

If you are interested in helping creating a thriving, sustainable social impact sector please get in touch – we’d love to talk to you.