Our Portfolio

A Portfolio for Untangling Progress

Whilst the need for innovation and evolution is known and understood by the charity sector, this kind of work takes time and money. Precisely the two key resources the charity sector is short of. This leads to a circular problem where the charities aren’t able to find the funds, resources or tools to make the changes that are needed. This is deeply frustrating. 

There is extraordinary work happening within these organisations. We don’t want to tear down the old and build something afresh. That feels short-sighted and impetuous.

We want to help make fundamental changes so the sector can survive and thrive. 

Filtering good ideas

We focus on finding good ideas and organisations that seek to tackle the two most urgent areas of need for the charity sector: 

  • Recruiting and developing a diverse range of ambitious, entrepreneurial people to change charity from the inside out
  • Creating the financial means for charities to make enterprising changes to their funding portfolio – unlocking the problem of running business-as-usual alongside innovation to maximise opportunities to create tangible, long-term change

These ideas need to demonstrate from the get-go how they enable long-term, sector-wide change and how they can benefit, over time, every nonprofit not just a small cohort.

It hinges on systemic change

The long-term aim, through supporting greater diversity, better equipped people, enterprising revenue models and contemporary ways of working, is change at a system level.

Our approach enables individuals and organisations to be their most effective, creative and impactful. Overtime we believe this will play a role in bringing about a crucial change at the core of the sector.