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We’re building a progressive sector, and we can’t wait to have you on board. Come in and discover how to improve the ways we change the world.

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Building a progressive sector
Building a progressive sector

Progressive people

To build a progressive sector, we're going to need it to be full of progressive people.

Progressive people are people who go to work each day believing that they can make things better.

Whether they run their own social enterprise, work as the CSR manager at a bank or fundraise at a charity, they are always thinking about how to improve their impact on the world.

Progressive people believe in the potential for better - so they embrace change and always look for better ways to do things.

They make wise decisions based on evidence, and if that evidence isn’t available - they gather it themselves as best they can.

Progressive people are ambitious, hard-working and simply can’t wait to make a difference.

Utopy believe that we need more of these people to be dedicated to improving our society. So we’re working to flood the sector with them.

In the right place

We need to put true progressives into the organisations and roles where they can best thrive and drive change.

With the right know-how

We need to arm our progressive people with the skills and knowledge they need to make their work as effective as possible.

Changing culture

Ideas can be contagious. We believe that you can only transform the culture of your organisation by putting the right people into roles where they can inspire and influence the work and ideas of those around them.

What we do

Utopy recruit hundreds of passionate and ambitious young people into the charity sector each year, by training them up on our Charity Fast-Track course (you might have heard of it - it used to be called Charity Apprentice).

We’re now exploring ways to help boards to be more progressive, and are planning to launch a board training programme for ambitious and progressive trustees.

What you can do

Apply for Charity Fast-Track

Apply, or recommend it to someone brilliant you know who should be working in the charity sector.

Hire a charity fast-tracker

We have an active network of hundreds of brilliant alumni who we can recommend personally.

To fill your role with a progressive person, email Christie for guidance. christie@utopy.uk

Contribute to our board training

Register your interest or contribute your ideas to our board training programme

Become a contributing expert

At Charity Fast-Track we rely on expertise from across the charity sector to keep our course up-to-the-minute and relevant to all charity roles and organisations.

If you work in charity or a related role and would be interested in reviewing or contributing content, speaking at events, joining online webinars or mentoring opportunities - email Charity Fast-Track Co-ordinator Christie christie@utopy.uk