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We’re building a progressive sector, and we can’t wait to have you on board. Come in and discover how to improve the ways we change the world.

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Building a progressive sector
Building a progressive sector

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Progressive Curious

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You’re dipping your toe in the water, but there’s a whole sea of new ideas out there and perhaps you don’t feel ready to swim around just yet. Utopy could help you to go a little deeper and shed some of the old thinking that might be holding you back.

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Iteratively Progressive

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You like to debate at dinner parties, but most of all you love to challenge and update your own thinking. You happily change your mind on specific issues when you see the evidence - but maybe you’ve not quite found some grand philosophy to pin your world view onto.

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Impressively Progressive

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You’re Utopy’s kind of person! You barely even have an idea before you begin interrogating, challenging and improving it. You believe progress is always possible - and you love finding new ways to improve our world and society. You refuse to be held back by old thinking and ways of doing things.

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