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We’re building a progressive sector, and we can’t wait to have you on board. Come in and discover how to improve the ways we change the world.

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Building a progressive sector
Building a progressive sector

What you’ll learn

Charity Fast-Track is an asset to my CV. It was a great conversation starter at my interview for my current job and it was valuable experience for my masters application. I have gained practical experience and theoretical knowledge which I can use to flourish my career.

Shahema, Charity Fast-Tracker 2017

Included are 10 months’ worth of tasks compiled by experts from across the sector, tackling a current topic each month.

You name it, we’ve got it on the course. We also put you in the driving seat to run your own fundraising events and marketing challenges so you fill your CV with relevant, practical experience.

You’ll learn about…

  • Ethical fundraising
  • Campaigning
  • Event management
  • Sustainable Development
  • Insight & Analysis
  • Trusts & Foundations
  • Gender
  • Marketing
  • Brand
  • Fundraising and data regulation
  • Advertising
  • Content creation
  • Pitching
  • Challenge Fundraising
  • Human Rights
  • and much more

2019 Course Outline

January: an overview of the sector

Get introduced to some key definitions and concepts relating to the sector including the most important - social impact! During this month you’ll also be supported in getting to grips with the Charity Fast-Track platform and meet the people behind the course.

Example lesson: How to smash Charity Fast-Track

Do it: Create your own introductory video and meet your fellow Charity Fast-Trackers 

February: Events

Gain an understanding of charity events, covering the different kind that exist and assess how to monitor their impact. You’ll also address the arguments for and against celebrity endorsement in the charity sector.

Example lesson: The Event Project Cycle: a step-by-step guide in running an event

Do it: Run a high-quality ticketed event and gain experience in budgeting, marketing and assessing risk.

"Thank you so much for making us do this task! I’ve learnt so much about myself and can’t even describe how happy I am to have completed it. It helps to have made a healthy profit for such a good cause. I might even do it again in the near future, so watch this space!"

Isabelle Walford, 2018

March: Brand & Communications

A core part of any charity, spanning branding, press and media, digital and marketing. You’ll take a look at these areas, and look at some successful charity brand campaigns.

Example lesson: Press and the media: getting on the front page

Do it: Design a social media campaign and write a press release

"The marketing sector is ever-changing, with new trends and challenges being brought in, and it was really interesting to learn more about them."

Susan Youd, 2018

April: Activism and campaigning

This module is all about how charities create change in society. You’ll look at the different campaigning strategies and tactics used by charities and assess what makes a successful campaign.

Example lesson: Mobilisation, movement-building and organising: building support for your cause

Do it: Design a campaign strategy 

May: Lobbying and Policy

You’ll gain an understanding of how policy is created and how decision makers can be influenced, hearing from interviews of policy experts working within the charity sector. We’ll also take a look at think tanks and their role in creating positive change.

Example lesson: How do charities influence policy?

Do it: Write a letter to your MP and write your mid-year report 

June: Fundraising

You’ll take a look at all different types of fundraising - from community fundraising, to legacies, to trusts. Debate on the issue of charity overheads, and examine UK fundraising regulations. You’ll also gain training in volunteer recruitment and management.

Example lesson: Introducing fundraising regulation

Do it: Run your own fundraising challenge and recruit a team of volunteers

"I wasn’t looking forward to the fundraising challenge on the course, but it’s actually been really enjoyable, and the most useful thing I’ve done on the course (I’ve also spoken about it at lots of interviews!). I was really surprised by my own ability to pull it off and motivate a group, the enthusiasm of my team, and how much we raised, which was much more than I thought possible. I think I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my ability to manage volunteers and lead a group."

Grace Fletcher, 2018

July: Social Enterprise

With social enterprise gaining prominence in the sector, we’ll cover the pros of social enterprises and the challenges they face. You’ll analyse the debates surrounding social enterprise, including whether they address the root cause.

Example lesson: Social impact values: pitching for funding

Do it: Create a Business Model Canvas for your very own social enterprise idea

"Charity Apprentice helped me to realise that social enterprises are the way forward! Before the course I had vague ideas about what I wanted to do and what I wanted to achieve but the course enabled me to focus these ideas and inspired me to further research social enterprises and come up with a direction I am very excited about going in!"

Charlotte Healy, 2016

August: International Development and Aid

We’ll look at the difference between development and aid and tackle the debates surrounding the topics. We’ll also address the role of the United Nations, and how charities are fairing on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Example lesson: Why do some development programmes fail?

Do it: A Prioritisation Challenge - what’s it like working in programming?

"Learning about the ripple effect of global issues, and what charities do to tackle these was useful - as well as having my perceptions seriously challenged around the aid debate and voluntourism."

Miriam Brightbart, 2018

September: Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy

With commercial partnerships being hugely important to charitable work, we’ll look at businesses and their responsibility to make a positive impact in society.

We’ll define what corporate social responsibility is, and the arguments for and against the concept.

Example lesson: Getting to grips with philanthropy

Do it: Design a corporate social responsibility partnership 

October: Careers and next steps

You’ll find out more about the kinds of jobs available in the sector and receive tips on writing your CV and cover letter, as well as how to talk about your Charity Fast-Track experience in your applications.

Example lesson: The job-hunting process: a step-by-step guide

Do it: Write your CV and set up your LinkedIn profile

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