The Opportunity

Finding, enhancing and getting great ideas done

The liberation of doing

Much has been written and said about the charity sector over the last decade. Whilst a number of excellent Think-Tanks focus on sector-wide, systemic problems, not many Do-Liberators do. And that’s not just an opportunity – it’s a significant need for the sector.

We know what the key challenges are for the sector – they are well evidenced by great organisations like NPC and NCVO. We want to crack-on with the do-ing. We do this by finding, enhancing, amplifying and liberating great ideas and enterprises that can improve things for the sector as a whole and, in doing so, improve things for the millions of people who benefit from the sector’s work.

People & money

We believe the greatest impact we can have in our do-ing is through a laser-like focus on People & Money. Why? Because they are the core building blocks. Because people & money are scalable. Because we like people and we know money makes a difference.

Creating a tipping point

In helping deliver a diverse pool of smart, open-minded, curious, enterprising humans to the sector we can create a tipping point for change.  We can tip the scales on old ways of thinking and doing and can begin to untangle – from the inside out – what’s working and what isn’t. We can deliver the leaders who will carve new pathways and invite all involved on the journey. It is these people who will deliver sustainable, systemic change.

Untangling the funding knot

To help untangle the funding knot that the sector is in, we want to support charities with great ideas for enterprise and new models of income generation. One of the key ways to accelerate progress is to help unlock the vice-like grip holding back investing in innovation due to understandable concerns about risk and running business-as-usual. To help bring more money into the sector we plan to:

  • create a fund of pooled money from progressive philanthropists who believe collaborating on long-term, systemic change is crucial to the success of our charity sector. This money will fund charities who successful pitch new revenue model ideas that will support a more sustainable income stream for their organisation
  • A grant-based consultancy service focused on supporting charities to test and implement new revenue model ideas; helping them through the difficult period of business-as-usual and idea development to service delivery