Utopy begins

Sometimes it takes a little while for the stars to constellate just ‘right’. After a combined 20+ years of working in the charity sector, our gravitational pull to ‘beyond the cause’ ambition of sector change finally culminated in the emergence of Utopy.

Fuelled by personal frustrations with recruiting skilled new starters into charity roles and battling to get new ideas through Board rooms whilst holding fast that there is money beyond the myth that all charities are in competition for same pot of donor money, we wanted to create an offer that could help all charities at a more fundamental level.

We know how hard charities work. And we know how hard it can be to work in charity. The sector has smart, dedicated people trying to solve some of the worlds most challenging problems with very little to rub between belief, commitment and will power.

We’ve begun Utopy to help begin to unpick the tangle that the sector has got itself into.  And we’re excited to get started.